May 24th, 2013
by One Global Village


tibet literacyBrightening the future for Tibetan girls

The women who formed the Pentok Institute in 2007 know the power of education. They were local university students, determined to help empower other women and girls from low-income rural areas to take leadership in improving the lives of their communities. They focus their work in Mukbo, a community of nomadic herders in the Qinghai Province in Tibet, where illiteracy is 80% and most children do not attend school.


The Pentok Institute has recently formed the Mukbo Girls’ Fellowship Program, aspiring to provide 18 poor nomad girls tuition so they can attend primary school. The students are trained to teach kindergarten-aged children in the village, so that their passion and education are reinvested into their community.

As one girl’s father comments, “I want her to be more, and education can give her a better life than anything else I can offer.”

 Literacy Project in Tibet

For the past several years, Friendship Charity Association (FCA), a Tibetan non-governmental organization, has held a month-long Winter Literacy Project in Guday primary school in Tibet.

FCA works with herding and farming communities in the Guinan region, where many herding communities lack access to basic education. The Winter Literacy Project has proven to be very effective. Students who have participated in the program consistently get better scores on their middle school entrance exams and they tend to continue on in school rather than dropping out. Nangchukja, FCA’s board director and a native of Guinan, needed funds to carry on the program again this year. One Global Village (a Bread for the Journey partner) sent him a grant of $750, which covered the cost of the program. Three teachers taught intensive classes in Tibetan, Chinese, and English to 168 students. One Global Village hopes to raise $1,500 to implement this program in two schools this winter.

An “Angel” Learns to Care for the Marginalized Poor in Tibet

13 March, 2012

Lhumo is a 22 year old Tibetan woman now finishing her 3rd year of college studies to become a nurse.  She spent her whole winter holiday helping an old doctor and patients in a clinic near her hometown.  The patients are mainly women and children who are economically marginalized.  Lhumo diagnosed simple illnesses and gave medicine and intravenous fluid to the clinic patients. More importantly, as she is from the local area and speaks the same language as her patients, she gives them compassionate “tender loving care.”

One Global Village – A Bread for the Journey Chapter, sponsored Llumo each year with $700 for her college tuition in nursing. Lhumo recently wrote a letter to One Global Village: “To kindhearted people who made this funding possible, I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your help and support with my school tuition.  I have personally experienced many Tibetan women die every year because of inadequate health care. My special interest is being a nurse, especially in women’s hygiene. I am achieving my goal through your help and assistance, without which all of this is not possible for a rural Tibetan woman to accomplish in a lifetime. I want to become a smiling and warmhearted angel among patients and want to serve my community back in Tibetan areas.  Ever since I lost my father, I have an earnest desire to help as many people as possible.  Thanks again for making all this possible.”

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