May 10th, 2015
by One Global Village

We are One Global Village connecting with our chosen neighbors in Tibet.  Tibetans are a gracious, friendly and hospitable people who respect all beings, all living things.  Their living conditions, to which they are accustomed, are austere.  It is their nature to live peacefully.  They have given the gift of loving-kindness and compassion to the world.  They are courageously endeavoring to preserve this ancient and spiritual culture.  Their efforts are considerable and challenged in so many ways, yet they endure.

OneGlobalVillage.Org was created to contribute money to aid Tibetan refugees so that they can improve their quality of life.  Your help will give them hope.

Our objective is to raise and distribute funds to Tibetans to:

  • purchase books for schools,
  • pay salaries for school teachers,
  • build/support a school for poor children,
  • support educational programs and scholarships for students,
  • develop health education, wellness and related projects,
  • assist cultural preservation and
  • support sustainable development projects that alleviate the issues of the impoverished.

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