“Dalai Lama Awakening” fund raiser a great success!

March 16th, 2015
by Ann


Many thanks to all who attended and contributed to the success of OGV’s recent fund-raiser film showing at the Loft Theater on March 7th in Tucson, Arizona.
The funds earned at this event will enable us to continue our work to support education and infrastructure projects in Tibet.
Specifically, we will continue to fund the Pentok Institute to educate girls in rural communities, and to support the work of the Friendship Charity to educate young Tibetans in their own language. Friendship Charity also helps Tibetans build water supply systems to carry fresh water to distant rural communities and solar ovens, since fuel is sometimes in short supply.
The Dalai Lama’s message during the film mandated everyone to “work for the benefit of humanity” first, then for our own benefit.


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