Nepal Earthquake Relief Donation

May 9th, 2015
by Ann


To assist with humanitarian aid and rebuilding after devastating earthquakes rocked Nepal in April and May, One Global Village made a $2000 donation to assist the monks and nuns at Ka-Nying Sherab Ling in their relief efforts for the victims of the earthquake and for the rebuilding of the monastery.

The abbott of Sherab Ling, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, posted this letter on the monastery website:

“…Here at the monastery, we have all been working very hard to help those suffering to the best of our ability.This is a critical time for all those affected by the earthquake. Currently, thousands of families have no homes to go to and are spending each night huddled in simple tents. Unless homes are rebuilt quickly before the monsoon rains start in a few week’s time, there is the danger of another public health emergency occurring as sanitation conditions deteriorate and diarrheal diseases and possibly typhoid and cholera spread. Let me once again thank everyone who has contributed to these efforts from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity is greatly needed and so warmly appreciated.”

In addition to funds,  OGV also sends prayers and intentions that those who are suffering find relief soon, that much assistance will flow from all over the world, and that the relief efforts will be blessed and protected.

You may donate to Sherab Ling at this address:


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“Dalai Lama Awakening” fund raiser a great success!

March 16th, 2015
by Ann


Many thanks to all who attended and contributed to the success of OGV’s recent fund-raiser film showing at the Loft Theater on March 7th in Tucson, Arizona.
The funds earned at this event will enable us to continue our work to support education and infrastructure projects in Tibet.
Specifically, we will continue to fund the Pentok Institute to educate girls in rural communities, and to support the work of the Friendship Charity to educate young Tibetans in their own language. Friendship Charity also helps Tibetans build water supply systems to carry fresh water to distant rural communities and solar ovens, since fuel is sometimes in short supply.
The Dalai Lama’s message during the film mandated everyone to “work for the benefit of humanity” first, then for our own benefit.


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Winter Literacy Project

March 16th, 2015
by Ann

tibet literacy

Winter Literacy Project in Tibet

For the past several years, Friendship Charity Association (FCA), a Tibetan non-governmental organization, has held a month-long Winter Literacy Project in Guday primary school in Tibet.

FCA works with herding and farming communities in the Guinan region, where many herding communities lack access to basic education. The Winter Literacy Project has proven to be very effective. Students who have participated in the program consistently get better scores on their middle school entrance exams and they tend to continue on in school rather than dropping out. Nangchukja, FCA’s board director and a native of Guinan, needed funds to carry on the program again this year. One Global Village (a Bread for the Journey partner) sent him a grant of $2100, which covered the cost of the program. Three teachers taught intensive classes in Tibetan, Chinese, and English to 168 students. One Global Village contributed $2,000 to implement this program in two schools this winter, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

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May 23rd, 2013
by One Global Village

Memorial for Ramona Johnson, One Global Village founder, June 2, 2013

Global-Village-Nunnery-220x220To honor Ramona’s memory, we  will be raising funds specifically for building a kitchen at Nyingchen Nunnery.  The nunnery was first founded in 1772 by DudDrol Dorje, the thirteenth reincarnation of the Karmapa.  It was a Meditation Center at the time and later turned into a nunnery by Kachen Dorje, a famous Terton in the Kham region.  The land where the nunnery stood was purchased by a local Tibetan doctor who researched the nunnery’s history and committed to restoring it.  Currently the nunnery supports 37 anis primarily from the local areas.  Ramona had visited the nunnery and was enthusiastic about raising funds for the people of a kitchen and dining room so that all the nuns could cook and eat communally rather than in their separate rooms.

All money raised in June and July, unless otherwise specified, will go to the nunnery project

About Ramona:

photo (5)

Ramona was a beloved member of our community from the very beginning, as well as a friend to Lama and practitioner alike.  She set a fine example to us in so many way. Ramona graduated from Nursing School in Chicago, Illinois.  She then went to work as a Public Health nurse in the Rainbow Bridge Navajo Indian Reservation.  In her nursing career she worked as a Public Health nurse at Rainbow Bridge Navajo Indian reservation, John Hopkins in Baltimore, Pima County at the Teresa Lee Clinic.  She also taught public health nursing at the U of A and at Texas Women’s University.  Ramona also was a public nurse educator in Haiti and in Bangladesh.

After Ramona retired from nursing she embarked on a shamanic studies program where she first connected with Tibetan Shamanism, with which she felt a great kinship.  Upon completion she went into a one year silent retreat.  It was after this retreat she went into a Tibetan shop in Santa Fe where she met people who told her of a teacher who was in town, and she was invited to this teaching.  The teacher was Garchen Rinpoche.  Ramona’s daughter says the moment she met Garchen Rinpoche “she knew that this was her next journey in life.”  After meeting Garchen Rinpoche Ramona decided she wanted to help.  She spent two summers teaching nomadic children in Tibet.  She then met Kevin Stuart and taught at his Education and Technology Project for 2 years in Xining.  It was after this experience that Ramona started One Global Village – – to help enable the Tibetans to help their own people in Tibet.

Ramona was a volunteer for DNL and for many other worthy endeavors, including Dharmakirti Collage, Arizona Friends of Tibet.  Ramona was always kind, always happy to see each of us, always searching for ways to be more helpful, always empathetic to each person’s plight.  She will truly be missed.

We at One Global Village are committed to continuing the work that Ramona and others started.  We have been communicating with our Tibetan friends and assuring them of our continued support.  Although we feel a great loss and acknowledge that it was Ramona’s energy, gentle spirit and love for the Tibetan people that inspired us, we feel honored to continue the work that has been started.



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